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Earn Money

Asa App ✓ introduces referral bounus where users earn $1.3 on each person you introduce into the site or app to promote there social media handles. once the person activates with your promo code, your money will be sent to your account immediately.
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Asa-App ✓  Loan Access

We grant loan to our activated customers without interest rate!
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Know Your Audience

Join they asa app community now and advertist your video or products. we have over 1,080,534 active members. Much audience will see your post.
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Rules of Asa-App

Never use the asa-app to promote another channel or handle that is not activated with Asa-App. If done, at owners risk

Common issues are redirected to the admin of asa-app. You can chat with our customer service or send us mail at All except money fund issues are common issues.

If Log out by Asa-app ( note that the admin has no hands about your current issue. ) you where log out as a result of not been constant or you violated asa-app rules after too many warning.

Asa-app have nothing to do with your details. so never give your details to anyone, at owners risk you are only going to be debited if you don't want to pay up your debt as agreed. and before that will be done, an official mail from will notify you

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Get your online presence active with large number of views, like and comments in any social media for free. - A road map to success in your social media handles. Check us out now!

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Thursdays...... 7am -- 5pm
Fridays..... ... 7am -- 5pm
Saturday..... 6am -- 3pm
Sundays ...... off ( not Available )
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